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Gina Belk

Associate Member

Gina serves as a Trustee to the Edinburgh Refugee Sponsorship Circle, which has welcomed two families to Scotland. She firmly believes in the importance of community sponsorship as a pathway for resettlement, recognising its role in supporting successful integration and empowering individuals to enact positive change within their communities. Through sponsorship, Gina sees communities becoming part of a global movement that is reshaping the discourse around displacement by fostering welcoming spaces, which is particularly important in today's challenging environments. 


In addition to her trustee responsibilities, Gina is an experienced international development professional, currently serving as a Programme & Research Consultant at SLYCAN Trust. In this capacity, she leads initiatives addressing various aspects of climate action, including climate-induced loss and damage, human mobility, and climate finance. Previously, Gina worked at the Scottish Government as Climate Justice Policy Officer and was a member of Scotland's Climate Assembly Secretariat. With a commitment to inclusive and participatory decision-making, Gina advocates for community engagement in identifying and implementing tailored solutions across all domains.

Gina Belk
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