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About the Alliance

The Alliance is made up of principle and lead sponsors from across the UK and specialists with lived experience. All experts in Community Sponsorship and/or resettling people seeking sanctuary.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be an expert advisory group, grounded in the realities of Community Sponsorship. 


To serve and grow the Community Sponsorship movement so that more sanctuary seekers are welcomed, and communities are enriched.

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Our Vision

Our communities instinctively, proactively, and warmly welcome newcomers using safe routes, to safe homes in safe communities.

Our Purpose

To represent the views, concerns, and plans of Community Sponsorship groups, within the network of the board members, and those resettled through the scheme, through the views and perspectives of those members of the board with Lived Experience.

To engage with the UK Government, the Home Office, Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC), Reset and other decision makers to inform and influence policy, legislation, and implementation of Community Sponsorship inspired schemes in the UK.

To work collaboratively and proactively to innovate for the growth and improvement of the Community Sponsorship scheme, learning from the experiences of related schemes (e.g. Homes for Ukraine scheme).

To support Community Sponsorship stakeholders to work cohesively in order to have greater positive impact.

To provide a platform for stakeholders to share experiences, celebrate the resettlement of sanctuary seekers and in turn raise awareness of Community Sponsorship schemes in the UK.

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Our Values & Principles

Representative: CSA UK aims to be representative of and responsive to the diverse voices and concerns of all stakeholders within the Community Sponsorship movement, especially of group members and experts by experience. 


Unity: CSA UK will have frank and open discussions, leading to a collective voice for the Community Sponsorship movement. Partnership, solidarity, and collaboration will be at the core of our work. 


Visionary: CSA UK will be ambitious, innovative, and pioneering in growing Community Sponsorship and welcome. 


Proactive: CSA UK will take proactive steps to improve and grow the Community Sponsorship movement at home and abroad. 


Accountable: CSA UK will be open, transparent, and accountable to stakeholders of the Community Sponsorship movement, and to one another, in their work to advance the objectives of the Alliance. 


Inclusivity: CSA UK will champion inclusivity, both within the CSA itself, and also within the wider community sponsorship movement and programmes. 


Mutuality: CSA UK will be a learning organisation – seeking to continually learn from each other, CS groups, other groups and organisations involved in community-led welcome, local authorities, government, and people with lived experiences.

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