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Domenica Pecoraro

Associate Member

Domenica is currently Kent Refugee Programmes Manager for the Diocese of Canterbury’s Social Justice Network. Domenica works with parishes, NGOs, community groups, national and international stakeholders, and schools, to raise awareness and facilitate an understanding of the challenges refugees and asylum seekers face as well as offering ways to be involved in welcoming journeys. Pivotal to Domenica’s role is to facilitate encounters among communities, something that she does by designing, fundraising, and running community enjoyment programmes. She conveyed the City of Sanctuary East Kent Network and sits as elected member with the Community Sponsorship Alliance UK, an expert advisory group aimed at scaling up resettlement schemes at policy level with decision makers. Domenica serves as the Church of England’s National Community Sponsorship Representative and Adviser. Prior to this role with Canterbury Diocese, Domenica lived and worked in Tower Hamlets, East London, where she coordinated social integrations projects among the wonderful Bangladeshi community. 

Domenica is also a founding Trustee for Canterbury Welcomes Refugees, a fully volunteer led charity, formed to sponsor and resettle families in need of international protection through Community Sponsorship and a Trustee for Canterbury for Ukraine.


Domenica Pecoraro
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