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Ben Still

Vice Chair

Ben Still is the Refugee Response Manager for The Salvation Army UK and Ireland where he works across the organisation to advise on refugee and asylum matters, oversees The Salvation Army’s community sponsorship programme, and develops strategy for this area of work. His passion for community sponsorship stems from a belief that it is not only a safe route to sanctuary, but that it is also a powerful way to bring communities together, transforming and enhancing the lives of both the refugees and their welcoming community through a relationship built on mutual respect and learning. Living in East London, Ben remains involved in direct support of refugees and asylum seekers as a volunteer, where he helps run an ESOL conversation café and leads the E123 Welcomes community sponsorship group. Ben’s and the Salvation Army’s involvement in the CSA stems from a desire to see the community sponsorship movement grow and develop, and a recognition that this can only happen if passionate people with expertise and lived experience of community sponsorship come together to develop and promote a shared call for change.


Ben Still
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