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Community Sponsorship Alliance (CSA) Newsletter - June 2024

As a quick reminder – we are a group of Resettlement leads across many organisations in England, N Ireland, Wales and Scotland who all are connected with delivery through the Community Sponsorship Scheme, but many of us are also involved in the Homes for Ukraine Scheme and increasingly Asylum work too. Our desire is to serve and grow the Community Sponsorship movement so that more refugees are welcomed, and more communities are enriched. We are here to offer practical solutions as to how to fully realise the potential of the Community Sponsorship movement here, in the UK, by working towards Safe Routes, to Safe Homes in Safe Communities.

King’s College London/CSA:

The first workshop at King’s College London was held on May 17th, drawing 125 attendees from various organisations. The research aims to develop sustainable, sponsorship-led pathways, utilising existing frameworks. The collaboration includes King’s College, the CSA, individuals with lived experiences, policymakers, and researchers.

There will be a conference at Kings College on the 16th July, focussing on community-led, safe pathways, and will include a presentation of the safe pathways policy framework in the afternoon - 3pm-5pm. If anyone is interested in attending this part of the conference, please get in touch with the research team and

National Picture:

The CSA still sits on the Home Office Resettlement Strategic Engagement Group (RSEG) which is co-chaired by RESET and the Home Office Resettlement Lead – John Hawkins. It is really valuable to have this opportunity to feed-in to national strategy on the way it relates to delivery on the ground.

Refugee Week:

We are all up to different engaging things in each of our networks and regions this week. We are grateful for this festival to highlight the amazing contribution and relationships we are all honoured to have through our work and the chance to feel this solidarity with you in our ecosystem, for this week in our annual calendar.

Contact Us:

For questions or more information, contact Rebekah on email: or look us up here:

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